Scum Skateboards

Est. 1995

High Quality Hand Screened Skateboard Decks

Scum Skates started up in the mid 1990's  when transition skating was all but dead.  Skateboarding mags were focusing mainly on street skating at the time, and pool skating went way underground.  Very few skaters were riding pools or ramps during that time.  Cholo was at the forefront of bringing back old school skateboard shapes with Scum Skates. 

Cholo and Scum Skates have roots that stem from early backyard pool skating and non traditional skateboarding terrain like the Legendary Sadlands.  Sadlands or "Moon Park" was a City park  built in the early 1970's in Anahiem Ca. to commemorate the U.S. Lunar landing.  It  was not built for skateboarding, but the skateboarders soon adopted it as there home when they found out they could ride the transitions. The park offered a concrete Moonscape that attracted skateboarders from all over country. Local pros Neil Blender and Lester Kasai brought many of their friends to Sadlands and the word soon spread.

 On any given day you would find Pro skaters Tony Hawk, John Lucero or Jason Jesse learning or crafting a new trick there. But good things don't last forever, and in 1989 the main craters at Sadlands were demolished, and it was back to skating ditches and pools.

The symmetrical Popsicle shape deck had taken over as the "shape of choice" for street skaters, and around 1995 skaters were hard pressed to find any Old School shapes to purchase from "any" of the skateboard companies at that time.

This is when Cholo started Scum Skates.

General Information:

Cholo is a master shaper and screener who designs and prints decks for Scum Skates. 

Scum Skates has the widest variety of deck shapes, sizes, and wheelbases in the industry.

All Scum decks are Hand Printed/ Silk Screened in the U.S.A.! 

Scum Skateboards decks are pressed by PS Stix Custom Skateboard Manufacturing. Where Designs, Quality, and Consistency have produced over 15 million skateboards in the past 25 years!


 ScumSkates is a *Skater Owned* and operated company celebrating our 20 year anniversary in the skateboard industry, focusing on quality, design, and innovation.

Our warehouse is located in Fullerton, CA with offices in both Portland, OR and Santa Cruz, CA.

Remember, Good guys ride Scum!





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